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They drew attention with their previous apocalyptic films revelation and tribulation. The movie 2000 starring brad johnson and chelsea noble on dvd and bluray. The national post called the christian directors hollywoodhip and media savvy. A small group of survivors are left behind after millions of people suddenly vanish and the world is plunged into chaos and destruction.

Left behind is essentially a bad disaster movie, but i swear to god ive seen worse movies this year, and worse nicolas cage movies at that. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or instore pickup. I wouldnt dream of giving away the detailsmysterious ways, and allbut i will say that it involves the petite chloe driving a steamroller in the dead of night on a deserted stretch of highway thats under construction. Parents need to know that left behind is the biggerbudget reboot of 2000s indie hit left behind. Left behind tries hard to succeed as parable and as thriller. The movie, the interview and george of the jungle, has been charged with five counts of animal cruelty, stemming from a training session in which he allegedly used a whip to hit a siberian tiger, the ontario, canada, society for the prevention of cruelty to animals said wednesday. Produced by cloud ten productions, a christian filmmaking concern, left behind was released with an unusual marketing strategy the film was made available on home video in october 2000, with a theatrical release scheduled to follow in february 2001.

In the first movie, the name of jesus was rarely mentioned, but in this second movie, the name of. Besides the bestselling fiction book series, there are also graphic novels, cds, and a left behind. A young man is drafted and goes through the rigors of basic training, ultimately discovering the experience is also characterbuilding. A nineyear legal dispute between the producers of the left behind movies and tim lahaye, who coauthored the books, came to an end last week when a. Cloud ten pictures plans on remaking the left behind movie series into a bigbudget, wide theatrical release. Director david butlers 1956 film stars 50s teen favorites tab hunter and natalie wood, with supporting roles played by jim backus, jessie royce landis, murray hamilton, henry jones, james garner, alan king, ernestine wade, david janssen and raymond bailey. I cant in good faith tell you to see it, but id be. Based on the novel of the same name written by tim lahaye and jerry b. In 2002 a second film was released staring bob carlisle, russ lee, bill corcoran, kirk cameron, and in 2005 the series was completed with left behind. Bob carlisles after all rayfords song, larues fly chloes song, michael w.

Do you remember seeing this song in left behind, in the scene when chloe is on top of the bridge talking to her mom. Ill give the movie kudos for being as good as the average lifetime movie of the week. Many christian movies are simply so forced in plot as to bring the scene to a christian altarcall that the only word that can be used to describe them is contrived. Theres some general chaos, shouting, pushing, shoving, and looting, as well as a plane crash scene. And all the people left behind have got to be the squeakiest clean nonchristians, ever. I do believe it will be awful for the ones left behind. After years of dispute over the rights of the movies, tim lahaye and jerry jenkins, authors of the popular books, have finally allowed cloud ten pictures a christian film company based in ontario and new york to make a hollywood version of the new york times bestseller series. The film was based on the bestselling christian eschatological endtimes novel of the same name written by tim lahaye and jerry b. The left behind series or just left behind is a fictional book series written by tim lahaye and jerry b.

Left behind film series is based on the left behind bestselling book series by tim lahaye and jerry b. The kids series the remnant chat transcript share eternity with. Michael hackenberger, an animal wrangler and trainer whose screen credits include left behind. Left behind, a rapture disaster movie opening friday, has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer and production values that verge on parody.

Afterwards, lahaye was quoted as saying, it is the best movie i have ever seen on the rapture. Cloud ten plans for bigger, better left behind remake. Directed by vic armstrong and starring nicolas cage, chad michael murray, cassi thomson and nicky whelan. When it drops on august 6, 2019, the what we left behind bluray set will hold 47 minutes of extra. The song is called dancing in the sky by dani and lizzy and it makes us think of this quote from the first left behind book.

After millions of people around the globe mysteriously disappear, veteran pilot ray steele must fight to protect the passengers that remain on his flight. With kirk cameron, brad johnson, janaya stephens, clarence gilyard jr the biblical prophecy of armegeddon begins when the rapture instantly takes all believers in christ from the earth. Jenkins along with their families were given an advanced screening of a rough cut of the movie on january 31, 2014. The actors did an outstanding job portraying the characters and the issues each wrestled with in the story. Left behind is a 2000 canadianamerican religious science fiction thriller film directed by vic sarin and starring kirk cameron, brad johnson, gordon currie, and clarence gilyard. Left behind finally edges toward an enjoyable level of insanity as it reaches its conclusion. For irenes sake, if this was the rapture, ray hoped she was gone. Left behind, the muchanticipated film about the beginning of the end of the world, is exactly what you think it is. The left behind trilogy kicked off in 2000 with the first movie in the series left behind. Left behind bears some of the hallmarks of a madefortv religious movie, including a bland, schmaltzy, and often totally inappropriate score it. The soundtrack to left behind features songs from ccm artists such as third day, joy williams, kathy troccoli, and fred hammond. The movie about the rapture, in which all of the worlds good people are whisked away to heaven, leaving the rest behind. I really enjoyed this movie, it tells of a period written in the bible of the rescue of gods children from a world where being a christian is becoming a crime, many families are divided because of there faith, some go to heaven and some are left behind, to work out what is happening on earth between good and evil, it deals with mans strength.

This is a slimmeddown story compared to the 2000 straighttovideo left behind movie with kirk cameron though a mankindvs. Jenkins, and starring nicolas cage, chad michael murray, cassi thomson, nicky whelan, and jordin sparks, the film was released to theaters on october 3, 2014, and was universally panned by critics. I loved both left behind the book and left behind the movie. Left behind is a 2014 american apocalyptic thriller film directed by vic armstrong and written by paul lalonde and john patus. A reporter left behind learns that the antichrist will soon take power.

The series takes place during, and after the rapture. The movie depicts the rapture the way it will probably be. The films were produced by cloud ten pictures and directed by vic sarin left behind. Their company, cloud ten pictures, is financially backing left behind from the profits of earlier films. We know that there will be a rapture of the christian born again believers. It is based not just on the first in a series of bestselling books, but also on the biblical book of revelations, and is made by people who care as much about teaching their views of the word of god as they do about making an exciting movie.

Left behind series simple english wikipedia, the free. The movie database tmdb is a popular, user editable database for movies and tv shows. Left behind is not the first movie the lalonde brothers have produced. I went to see left behind as a selfdescribed proponent of the pretrib rapture doctrine and armchair movie critic. A word about left behind iitribulation force the second movie in the series compared to the first left behind movie, left behind iitribulation force was like a breath of fresh air. Had seen a movie at a church in the 80s that reminded me of the left behind movie but the books werent wrote till after i seen the movie,please help,i want my kids to see the original not with mr.

Left behind, a jesussoaked disaster movie in which nicolas cages pilot discovers that half his passengers have been whisked away by the lord almighty published. Not only do we not think the mayan calendar is correct, we reject any prophecy from any source that has not proven 100% correct in the past. It has stuck with me all these years but i cant find out the name or how to get a hold of a copy anywhere. Left behind 2014 cast and crew the entire planet is thrown into mayhem when millions of people disappear without a trace all that remains are their clothes and belongings. Poor production values, slow pacing, and an implausible story makes left behind a movie only for the faithful. Kirk cameron, brad johnson, janaya stephens, clarence gilyard jr. Benjudah prepares to meet them in jerusalem for the muchanticipated soul harvestif carpathias dark forces dont find him first. Mildly interesting, mediocre acting, a bit slow, the script is predictable, the music is sappy, and it is a bit melodramatic. Smiths never been unloved bruces song, and jakes believer bucks song relate to the key characters in the film, which is an adaptation of the bestselling book series. The girl he left behind 1956 the movie database tmdb. The movie video 2000 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. With the current events in israel and the middle east, the timing of the release of this movie should make a tremendous impact on the nonchristian community.

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