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Planned availability date order now overview processors. One of these areas is operating systems ports to these architectures. Sun and wind river partner to deliver carrier grade linux for. Each of the processor cores has a separate instruction and data cache and accesses a shared l2 cache and the shared main memory via an internal crossbar. Thats relatively small considering the fact that eight intel. Developed under the gnu general public license, the source code for linux is freely available to everyone. Suns ultrasparc t1 and t2 all this processors implement multithreading in various degrees. Linux distributions this forum is for distribution specific questions. The os registers 64 processors they dont call the ultrasparc t2 coolthreads for nothing. Opensparc t2 is derived from the ultrasparc t2 processor, a 64 bit eight core. Suns ultrasparc t2 single thread performance ars technica. Aug 23, 2007 after porting its carrier grade linux cgl and workbench developer environment to suns multithreading capable ultrasparc t2 processor, embedded specialist wind river says that it has laid down the tracks for the development of highperformance network components. Ultrasparc t1 can be partitioned in a similar way to highend sun smp systems. Apparently, from what i have read, for linux on ultrasparc, the kernel is.

Sun microsystems launched their brand new niagara 2 ultrasparc t2 8core cpu last tuesday august 7th 2007 as the successor to the ultrasparc t1 8. The majority of opensparc t2 source code is released under the gnu general public license. Aug 16, 2007 analysis of suns niagara 2 ultrasparc t2. Sun microsystems unveils niagara ultrasparc t2 chip. Architectural details of the ultrasparc t2 processor hpc. There are no ultrasparc t2 specific instructions which the compiler currently generates, so the default of the sparc v9 isa is fine.

Ultrasparc article about ultrasparc by the free dictionary. Show full abstract paper, we study the effect that the execution of the linux spinlock loop in the sun ultrasparc t1 and t2 processors introduces on other running tasks, especially in the worst. Sep 15, 2006 only following two distributions certified to run linux. Feb 25, 2019 sparc enterprise tseries or mseries servers cpu. The new system, called the sparc enterprise t5440, is based on suns eightcore ultrasparc t2 plus processor a version of the companys t2 chip that was designed to enable two of the devices. The chipmultithreading capable cmt ultrasparc t2 achieves higher throughput with lower power consumption and heat output.

Compiling for the ultrasparc t2 oracle darryl goves blog. The ultra sparc processor is an extension of the sparcv9 architecture. It claims the ultrasparc t2 expends fewer than two watts per thread, while ibms power6 and intel corp. Available as both cloudbased and onpremise software, patch manager plus offers features that include scanning for and detecting missing patches, automated scheduled patch. T2 sde is not just a common linux distribution it is a flexible open source system development environment or distribution build kit others might even name it meta distribution. Pdf measuring operating system overhead on sun ultrasparc. At least, one software vendor claims to have gnulinux running on this cpu, this is for the. Hardware requirements to support small, medium, and large environments notes the recommended hardware requirements are valid, whether you use physical or virtual machines. These machines can be tricky to install on as currently the driver. Comparison of platform virtualization software wikipedia.

Sun started selling servers with the t2 processor in october 2007. Ultrasparc t2 ultrasparc t2 ultrasparc t1 ultrasparc t5 ultrasparc t4. Thus, several cores can be partitioned for running a single or group of processes andor threads, while the other cores deal with the rest of the processes on the system. Aug 07, 2007 sun unveils ultrasparc t2 chip new ultrasparc processor runs at 2w per thread and offers security and networking functions embedded on the silicon.

T2 and t2 plus processors and a new release of logical domains ldoms virtualization software, leveraging the latest release of the solaris operating system os. And theres also a number of testimonials from customers. Using oracle linux on sparc would be my first choice for sure. Its official name is the sun ultrasparc t2 and it will be unveiled at their executive briefing.

An indicates there is no official participation from that distribution here at lq. Through the efforts of sun microsystems and the community. The first examples of deployment of carrier grade linux in connection with the ultrasparc processor, are suns netra rack server and atca series blades says wind river. For suns ultrasparc t2 series announced yesterday the culmination of the longrumored niagara 2 project the socalled serveronachip borrows a little from all three of these concepts. Thus the ultrasparc t2 processor is a shared memory machine on a single chip with a flat memory uma uniform memory architecture from the programmers perspective. To summarise, there is an ultrasparc t2 specific compiler flag, but for most situations the best target to use would be xtargetgeneric which should give good performance over a wide range of processors. Opensparc t2 source components are covered under multiple open source licenses. In fact, the niagara 2 is double the performance per watt of the ultrasparc t1. Oracle linux is rhel compatible its actually a mostlyclosed proprietary forked kernel, so you may want to try that, but im not sure how compatible it is with the onboard hypervisor. Sun sparc enterprise t5240 rackmountable ultrasparc t2 plus 1. List of linuxsupported computer architectures wikipedia.

Ultralinux the definitive source for the kernel port. Unix cost linux is what it set out to be a free unix for the 386 so the people who say linux is magically cheaper than unix are really comparing what they remember from unix server. Sun and wind river partner to deliver carrier grade linux for nextgeneration networking on suns ultrasparc r t2 processor. In august 2007, sun introduced the ultrasparc t2 processor, the worlds fastest commodity processor. Suns ultrasparc t2 single thread performance 10 posts. By opening the ultrasparc t1 and ultrasparc t2 source code and specification we hope to create opportunity to create unique solutions built on a proven architecture. Sep 16, 2015 thanx gary i found only ubuntu, fedora and oracle linux compatible with this processor, but not rhel centos oracle linux is a full copy of rhel, just like centos, with a few modifications.

Red hat, slackware, debian, novell, lfs, mandriva, ubuntu, fedora the list goes on and on. Binary programs are released under a binary software license agreement. Keep all your production businesses up to date by automating the entire patching process using patch manager plus. Sun sparc enterprise t5220 rackmountable ultrasparc t2 1. Ubuntu gnulinux is first operating system to join solaris on massively. Sun microsystems ultrasparc t2 microprocessor is a multithreading, multicore cpu. Wind river and lsi collaborate to deliver optimized multicore solutions for networking infrastructure industry.

It looks like we will have our hands on a sun ultrasparc t2 server this fall, so stay tuned for performance details. T 1 processor socket, 1u rackmount t2000 1 processor socket, 2u rackmount ultrasparc t2 processor based models in oct 2007, sun added the ultrasparc t2 based servers to the sparc enterprise line. The main article, tuning applications on ultrasparc t1 chip multithreading systems, addresses issues for general application programmers. Canonical to support sun fire servers with ultrasparc t1 ubuntu. Ultrasparc t1 processor based models the ultrasparc t1based sun fire t and t2000 are branded to the sparc enterprise line. Oracle makes sparc, so this is by far your best fit. Jul 31, 2008 but most people want to run a bunch of codes, or multiple copies of the same code, or some multithreaded app. Firmware and software developers will be the primary users of legion simulation environment for the opensparc t2.

Does anyone have any figures for what the single threaded performance is on the ultrasparc t2 aka niagara cpus from sun. The servers are powered by the ultrasparc t2 processor, which has eight cores with eight threads per core, giving it the power of 64 individual systems in one server, keep said. Measuring operating system overhead on sun ultrasparc t1 processor. By sharing more processor resources we can increase. The debian sparc port, as mentioned above, does support the sun4u ultra and sun4v niagara cpu architectures. And how does linux fit into suns overall philosophy on computing. It was seen as more a followon to suns smp processors such as ultrasparc iv, rather than a replacement for the ultrasparc t1 or t2, but was canceled in the timeframe of oracles acquisition of sun. T2 allows the creation of custom distributions with state of the art technology, uptodate packages and integrated support for cross compilation. Sun sparc enterprise t5140 rackmountable ultrasparc t2 plus 1. Sun, fujitsu launch enhanced ultrasparc systems into roiling.

Ubuntu supports the ultrasparc t1 and ultrasparc t2. Run ubuntu gnulinux or gentoo linux for ultrasparc t1. It is a member of the sparc family, and the successor to the ultrasparc t1. Platform virtualization software, specifically emulators and hypervisors, are software packages that emulate the whole physical computer machine, often providing multiple virtual machines on one physical platform. Compare the cost of linux meaning gnu linux on x86 to the cost of unix meaning solaris on ultrasparc and. Being an opensource software developer, i naturally perform all my work on the. Linux and solaris handle devices differently, and sparc is built to run solaris. Several distros of linux are supported on sparc hardware. An eightcore, 64thread processor, the ultrasparc t2 is powered by less than 95 watts nominal with less than two watts per thread, boasts the most functionality, and lowest wattage per core and thread of any processor in its class.

Ultrasparct2 ultrasparc t3 ultrasparc t1 ultrasparc t5 ultrasparc t4. Sun delivers first ultrasparc t2based servers infoworld. An additional 8 gb of ram is required if you are using the bmcsupplied sap sql anywhere database. Wind today announced that wind river will port its carrier grade linux cgl and workbench development suite to suns ultrasparc t2 chip multithreading cmt processor. Sun and fujitsu are offering improved performance and virtualization features for their ultrasparc based servers through the adoption of new processors and ldoms virtualization software.

I would also like to thank all the open source linux programmers who have worked on linux on sparc software. Source based on existing open source projects will continue to be available under their current licenses. Linux is a free unixtype operating system originally created by linus torvalds with the assistance of developers around the world. Aug 07, 2007 the niagara 2 looks to be an excellent replacement for the ultrasparc t1 niagara 1. For now i have a workable solution for running both solaris 8 and suse linux 7. Sun fire server systems containing the ultrasparc t2 chip are expected out before the end of the year in 1u and 2u rackmount configurations. Sun and wind river deliver carrier grade linux for next. The chip is sometimes referred to by its codename, niagara 2. Sparc64 vii the linux kernel is not working on sparc enterprise m3000 systems. For ann wettersten, senior director of marketing for systems and software at sun microsystems, its a simple proposition. Ultrasparc t2 benchmarks, ultrasparc t2 performance data from and the phoronix test suite. Wind river to support suns breakthrough ultrasparc t1 multithreaded nextgeneration processor. Sun doubles processing power of ultrasparc t2 plus servers. Solaris and linux, and the netra data plane software netra dps environment net07.

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