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I have a mt75 2wd gearbox out of a dohc sierra but im putting a yb cosworth engine in my kit so i understand you can make whats called a hybrid using a cosworth 4x4 mt75 box and a 2wd mt75. There are a bewildering array of bellhousing configurations, main. One based on a denso starter motor and the other on a hitachi unit. Ford mt75 gearbox bellhousing clutch fork pivot peg. It caused no end of embarrasment at traffic lights and roundabouts. Sequential kit contets from shift drum, shift turret, lever on holder with automatic centre postitioning and gear indicator with electronic control box.

It was the first production gearbox to have a synchromesh on reverse so reverse can be selected at up to 25 mph. Hi, i am looking to transplant a cosworth 24 valve v6 engine from a ford scorpio into my tvr taimar and would like to know which mt75 gearbox will work with this engine. Ford scorpio enter the car make and car model for which you want to see an overview of gearbox codes. Mt75 gearbox morgan sports car discussion forum, community. Ford transit 5 speed gearbox mt75 abbey transmission. There seem to be a lot of both around at a reasonable price but cant decide between them. Ford claims its the first massproduced consumer 10speed automatic and, given. Most smallblock v8 powered cars of the 1960s and 1970s in the north american market. Choose the denso unit lms4 for normal applications as the denso motor is tough and forgiving. Although the pickup uses the duratec, the box is longer and fitted with a second separate low ratio selector.

Mt75 will take more agro but has poorer ratios than the type 9. In 4x4 versions, the planetary gear center differential with viscoustype limited slip is integrated in to the rear half of the gearbox. Ford sierra cosworth borg warner t5 gearbox autogear limited. We have detected that you are using ad blocking software. The following links are to pages of the ford workshop manual, here produced in pdf format from the ford technical information system, supplied to us by ford europe for the benefit of scorpio owners. For a car parts supplier, a gearbox code is important in order to find the right car part for you. The mt75 replaced the ford type 9 transmission the mt75 has an all alloy casing and comes with an integrated bellhousing. The mt75 is a rear wheel drive gearbox made by ford. We stock a large inventory of gearbox and differential transmission parts for classic and modern vehicles for all major car brands. Nov 18, 2010 the mt75 is a rear wheel drive gearbox made by ford. The mt75 is a rear wheel drive gearbox made by the ford. In the overview, you will then get a list of the gearbox codes with the years of construction and engine capacity of the associated engine. The classic ford forum is made possible by ad revenue.

Is there someone who knows if there are transmissions they fits. In our database, you can search for gearbox codes which were specified with past requests. Ive bought the hybrid mt75 from the uk for one of my cars. Result smooth changes in all weathers and from startup. Fords mt75 gearbox featured in some of the blue ovals most soughtafter performance cars. I am 100% in agreement with you that the mt75 and type 9 boxes are much to hard to adapt, and the kits that do this from alan voight in the uk for example are far too expensive at 1500 pounds plus shipping, duty, tax etc. After a bit of googling i came across castrol syntrans multivehicle 75w90 this meets the required ford spec wsdm2c200c as specified for the mt75.

The transmission is optimised for transferring larger levels of torque than the. Rebuilding, uprating and fitting a lotus 5speed gearbox. Ive been reading this forum and others but dont really get a good picture of the amount of work vs the benefits of different conversions. Rebuilding, uprating and fitting a lotus 5speed gearbox to. Ford mt75 cosworth transfer case cobra transmission. The mt75 case is totally alloy but always seemed larger to me. Westfieldworld kitcar support site gearbox specs and.

To use, simply select your gearbox from the first list, and compare specs from second list. Ford transit connect mtx75 gearbox differential unit just 1 left. Quaife mt75 collection top pick for historic racing quaife. This transmission is the subject of a massive number of lawsuits alleging ford lied in order to sell cars ford knew had defective transmissions. A note please make sure to provide your full address with your correct contact phone number or mobile number to avoid shipment delay due to insufficient address return. Ford transit 6 speed gearbox parts archives fast track bearings. This gearbox will fit most diesel vans from 19901999. Autogear transmissions limited specialises in supply and distribution of transmission vehicle parts for gearbox and differential units. All orders get full access to our online status tracking service, allowing you to view realtime order progress. Type 9 gearbox for sale in uk 19 used type 9 gearboxs. It is a rear wheel drive rwd 5 speed gearbox that has synchromesh on all gears including reverse, meaning reverse can be selected whilst the car is travelling forward up to 25mph. It has an all alloy casing with integral bellhousing. Wich transmission gearbox is in the hkt seven audi engine too. Ford transit 5 speed gearbox mt75 2000 on abbey transmission.

Ford mt75 gearbox the mt75 is a rear wheel drive gearbox made by the ford. As mentioned your limited to bolting it to only ford engines up to and including the zetec. Several of the other alfa boxes i have seen have integral bellhousings. Most bigblock v8 powered carstrucks of the 1960s and 1970s in the north american market, all fseries trucks without od, 80 thru 96 97 for f250hd, f350, and f. Please expect some delays in shipping due to the coronavirus covid19. It was the first production gearbox to have a synchromesh on. Cobra transmission is designated as an essential business by florida and thus open and shipping product. The mt75 has an all alloy casing and comes with an integrated bellhousing. My problem is that i can not use the original audi transmission, because thats a frontwheeler sorry about my english. All of the fine details of the mt75 manual gearbox fitted to the vehicle including sizes and torque settings. Rebuilt mt82 mustang manual transmission will work like new and save you a ton of money. Ford mt75 gearbox to use with scorpio 24v v6 cosworth engine. Straight cut, close ratio gears needle roller bearings support free running gears includes quaife mainshaft larger, rocket sized spigot bearing javascript seems to be disabled in your browser.

The p2 module fits between the engine and the transmission and combines a 12kw. We are closely monitoring all updates and taking precautions. New clutch allows hybrids to run manual gearboxes autocar. Ford workshop manual mt75 transmission ford scorpio. Just wondering if anyone out there is running a ford mt75 5speed gearbox in their elan. It was the first production gearbox to have synchromesh on reverse so reverse can be selected at up to 25 mph. The ford mtx75 manual transaxle, is a 5speed transmission developed by ford motor company for its largerengined front wheel drive models. Quaife for ford escortsierra 4x4 cosworth mt75 5speed dog engagement gearbox. Zetec gearbox combinations ford zetec to mt75 5speed. Sold primarily as a cargo van, the transit is also built as a passenger van marketed as the tourneo since 1995, minibus, cutaway van chassis, and as a pickup truck. Direct replacement for original gearkit helical gears homologated group n ratios specially strengthened gears for improved durability optional atb front and rear differentials. Guaranteed not to leak, squeak, moan, groan, rust, dust or bust. The input shaft is the standard ford 1 diameter 12 spline shaft, and it mates with the standard ford bolt pattern for gearboxes.

Ford sierra cosworth 4wd mt75 5speed group n synchromesh. Any information on the conversion process and on the final result would be great. The qke20z is a complete replacement 5speed synchromesh gearkit for the ford mt75 4x4 gearbox, as fitted to the escort and sierra cosworth 4x4. Buy it now ford mt75 gearbox lay gear bearing cover add to watch list. Jan 24, 2006 ford mt75 gearbox the mt75 is a rear wheel drive gearbox made by the ford.

The gearbox code is usually stamped on the gearbox. Ford transit 6 speed gearbox parts archives fast track. Ford mt75 gearbox to use with scorpio 24v v6 cosworth. Im sure there are a some threads on this subject somewhere but i cant find any. Im interested in replacing the side linkage in my capri since the engine has to come out. First point is the mt75 is much wider than a type 9 ensure you have enough room in the tunnel to fit it. The mt75 is a rear wheel drive or four wheel drive gearbox, depending on variant, made by the ford motor company. This is the new hybrid clutch system that opens the way for electrified cars to be offered with manual transmissions. It has an all alloy casing with integral bell housing.

Mt75 gearbox talk morgan morgan sports car discussion. An important point was to avoid cutting neither in the chassis nor in the interior in order to be able. I too had a lot of problems with the mt75 on my plus4. Zetec gearbox combinations ford zetec to mt75 5speed the. Zetec gearbox combinations ford zetec to mt75 5speed the mondeo escort zetec and the mt75 box match up very well. The 4x4 system is of fulltime type with a static torque split of 34% front, 66% rear. The product featured is a genuine ford part ford mondeo mtx75 gearbox 2 part 3rd4th gear synchro ring. The compact lightweight designs are often easier to install than the originals.

Gearbox rebuild spares, bearings and parts for ford transmissions from 1960 to 1995. Ford transit the ford transit is a range of light commercial vehicles produced by ford motor company since 1965. Ford fusion hev, ford fusion energi phev, ford cmax hev, ford cmax energi phev, lincoln mkz hybrid. Ford 2000e ford type 2 ford type 3 ford type e ford rocket ford type 9n ford mt75 borg warner t5 toyota t50 rover lt77 rover r380. The mt75, 5 speed gearbox was designed by ford to replace the t5. For many car parts, such as gearboxes and drive shafts, it is important that you specify the correct gearbox code with the request.

There is a company that have made a front housing that allows diferent bellhousings to be attached. Hi, the mt75 gearbox can be made to fit the essex v6 as a hybrid made from the front of a 4x4 to get the bellhousing bolt pattern and the rear of a 2wd box. Debuting in 1992, the transmission was developed in tandem with the zetec family of engines. Mt75 vs type 9 gearbox what are the advantages and disadvantages of using either the mt75 or type 9.

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