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A volunteerleader serves in a multitude of roles ranging from the clublevel to supervising other volunteerleaders at the county, regional or statelevels. The 4 h record book teaches 4 h members these skills through a standard format. Idaho 4h project and animal project record books will be. Keeping records of 4 h projects could help you when you apply for college scholarships too. Orb login help sheet pdf still having problems logging on. Enter your record book in the senior fair open scrapbook entry for fair display. A minimum of four completed projects to be displayed and judged. Another feature of the club meeting last thursday was a discussion and demonstration on proper. Completing a 4 h record book is a process where 4 h members record project and club work. University of idaho extension 4 h youth development.

The 4 h shooting sports program stands out as an example. Part of your 4 h record book, track all things related to ewe. The record book will contain information for a 4her to fill. Documents and records ui extension 4h youth development. Your skills and abilities, standards and ideals, grooming, speech, even your smile represents ohio 4 h members. The official rubrics and score sheet should be used when grading erecords. Your fellow 4 h members have selected you to lead them as club officers this year. The 4 h name and emblem have special protections from congress, protected by code 18 usc 707. However, they supplement projects offered by the state, and we have found a number of youth interested in completing these projects. Compilation of the 2011 record book manual and the 2012 addendum. You, as the treasurer, and all other officers of your 4h club represent your 4h club and the 4h program throughout your county and mississippi. Visit the 4 h youth development curriculum website for more information on related project material.

Officer books making the best 4 h clubs better officer books. Completing a 4h record book is a process where 4 h members record project and club work. On the next few pages are several outlines of various 4 h ceremonies. Kansas state 4 h office 201 umberger hall 1612 claflin road kansas state university manhattan, ks 66506. Jun 27, 2012 included in this board are tips on how to successfuly run your 4 h clubs.

Parents and other adult partners who are interested in more indepth information about record books should consult the 20192020 california 4 h record book manual adult volunteers guide. The purpose of 4 h record keeping is to teach how to keep records, which is an important life skill. Your skills, abilities, values, ideals, speech, and even smiles portray mississippi 4hers. The targeting life skills tls model hendricks, 1996, identifies and divides the major life skills targeted in 4. Journaling, stamping, and embossing design elements like color, tone and balance photo cropping a 4 h scrapbook project a 4 h selfdetermined project about being club historian kinds of photography 35mm or digital. They help you set some goals, keep track of your attendance at meetings, record your demonstrations and talks and a whole lot more. Select, breed, and farrow one or more gilts or sows.

Ask your 4 h agent what the policy is in your county. Record keeping is an ongoing process that does not end when the 4 h year ends. This book should serve as a good guide for you to follow and outline your clubs goals, plans for the year, as well as keep records. California 4h record book manual adult partners guide 2018 2019 revised july 1, 2018 no significant changes from 20172018 edition this is the one and only california 4h record book. The 4h program has a long history of record keeping. However, record books continue to remain an optional and cannot be required for membership or participation if an activity outside of the 4 h program requires a 4 h project report. Treasurer club forms ucanr 4h youth development program. H stem challenge national youth science day is now the 4 h stem challenge. Exhibit guidelines album size should meet the needs of the exhibitor. Manuals general colorado 4h youth development is part. The 4 h members record book cover is our number one bestselling product. Explains the pieces of a record book, how to put them all together, and the. Sample bill of sale word sample lease agreement word sample horse lease agreement pdf cool affidavit word 4 h idaho livestock exhibitors biosecurity reference manual pdf. Montana state university extension montana 4h growing.

You h ave the opportunity to document activities that will be both memorable and educational for your 4 h club. It will be an excellent record of your project and 4 h year put these pages into a threering binder. Tools of parliamentary procedure from ohio 4 h belmont co. Congratulations on your new role as your 4 h clubs historian. Record book corner butte county ucce serving butte. In early 4 h history, record books focused on project profit and loss and other activities in agricultural and home. Find all documents and records needed for various 4h projects offered by ui. Members who are currently working on record books will use the 20182019 forms, as the events they are recording occurred during the 1819 program year. This particular one was the personal, filledout record book of kenneth anderson, hudson, south dakota in 1930. In addition to record keeping, the 4 h record book gives members an opportunity to reflect on their year, measure their achievements and growth, and set goals, and develop. You represent not only your club, but the 4 h program in brown county. Typeface in blue indicates 2012 modifications table of contents. A resource for 4h club treasurers university of florida. Congratulations on your new role as your 4h clubs news reporter.

All records needed for record keeping of all 4h projects. The 4 h club officer handbook is a handy resource tool for them to rely on in planning and conducting effective meetings during the coming year. Include factual information and some action for the club members i. In early 4 h history, record books focused on project profit and loss and other activities in agricultural and home economics projects. Record books osu extension service oregon state university. In 4 h, young people have tracked their activities, events, profits and losses, skill development and learning experiences, and much more using the iconic 4 h record book. Resources for students and parents family guide to record books updated 10 4 2019. Some 4hers will decorate the church with appropriate flowers, and others will read the scripture, provide special music, and distribute the church bulletins. The focus of all 4 h programs is the development of youth as individuals and as responsible and productive citizens. Being elected a club officer is both an honor and a responsibility. Make sure all of your records are stored in a protected cover so that you have them in good condition for presenting.

See our form and document help page for instructions on how to download and fill out the documents. You will find a list of responsibilities for your office as well as activities, ideas, and websites in this book to help you fulfill your duties. It is encouraged to make several copies of this report card for all your meetings. Downloads 4h alberta develops leadership, communication. Record books forms and manuals 20192020 record book manuals and forms are now available for the new 4 h year. County projects are not sponsored by the state 4 h office, and therefore they are not eligible for state fair competition. Ask members to write stories for the newsletter regarding projects, events and community activities. A typical 4 h corn record book as used in many states. Below are the goals that your club should meet and space for you to write in your own club goals. Congratulations on being selected as your 4 h club secretary. You will need to add extra pages for your photos, articles and so on.

The california 4h youth development program ydp has a long history of recordkeeping as an activity by 4h members. Prepare a budget for your 4 h breeding hog project. To move youth on a path toward thriving within their communities, the 4 h record book goes through periodic changes to meet the needs of youth and mission of 4 h ydp. Presidents record book vice presidents record book secretarys record book treasurers record book news reporters record book health officers record book safety officers record book historian s record book recreation leaders record book click here for more officer resources. Records management is a competency skill to identify, create, classify, archive, and preserve records. Archery record book insert this insert is specific to the archery project and. Set at least one goal that you want to achieve in scrapbooking. County record book competition the california 4 h youth development program has a long history of record keeping as an activity by 4 h members.

Immediately after each monthly club meeting, fill out the report card. The report see page 32 should be approved and signed by the local leader. Practice makes perfect parliamentary procedure from ohio 4 h adams co. Positive youth development history the california 4 h youth development program has a long history of record keeping as an activity by 4 h members.

Youll never feel more at home than at your 4 h club. You may also want to invite a guest speaker to a club meeting see below. Some goals are general for all clubs, and some goals are specific for your club. Your club has bestowed upon you both an honor and a responsibilityand an interesting and fun job. Keep records of your goals, numbers of pigs, things you do to feed and care for them, money you spend and receive, and your 4 h experiences. Plan a county historian s night and work together to journal events and crop photos. Idaho 4 h project and animal project record books will be completed using zsuite starting oct. What exactly does a historian do, how is a motion passed and when. Afterschool 4 h clubs 9 through 18 years of age meet after school hours, usually from 3.

Dane county 4 h record book manual for your information. Using the manual to assist you in filling out your record book will make the process easier, faster and more enjoyable. All record and project books linked here are pdf format and can be printed. Each record book must include the record book forms, below includes the pdf and word versions. H at home educational activities for kids to do at home.

Each county must come into alignment with this book and eliminate all supplemental forms andor other requirements. California 4h record book manual 2008 4 purpose of record books. Youth are encouraged to select from a variety of alternatives to meet their individual record keeping needs and learning styles. Archival books and pages are now available for longer and safer storage. Ask other members for examples of information that would like to learn. Star rank 4 h member must be currently enrolled in the 4 h youth development program. Visit a scrapbook store and attend free scrapbook classes. The manual contains descriptions of the parts of the record book as well as the different forms necessary. This is an important position and your good work will be help your club to be successful. Actionable steps you can take to reduce the spread of disease. The focus reflects the importance of this life skill in our daily lives.

Horse ui extension 4h youth development university of. Records management rm is an industrystandard practice of identifying, creating, classifying, archiving and preserving records. Dear county extension agents, below is a report of our recent 4 h meeting or activity. Illinois 4 h prepares youth to solve illinois problems by producing the leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, stewards, and builders we need. Record book forms ucanr 4h youth development program in. Continue to keep a record of the report cards in this book. Youth learn marksmanship, the safe and responsible use of firearms, the principles of hunting and archery, and much more. Mar 16, 2020 managing money wisely is a full financial manual for 4h treasurers.

California 4 h record book manual 2008 4 h star ranking required for star rank numbers contained within parenthesis are included in the total category number not an extra requirement. Henry county 4h club new reporter resource record book. Theyre an important part of completing each project. Portions of this manual were adapted from 4 h secretary books used by kansas cooperative extension and arkansas cooperative extension. Wherever you live, theres a 4 h program where you can explore new things, meet new friends, and change the world. Below is a list of responsibilities for your office as well as activities, ideas, and websites to help you plan a memorable scrapbook. The florida 4 h treasurers manual and record book 4h gcr 02 is 4 h club material for ages 8 and up. The role of the 4h club treasurer congratulations on being your clubs treasurer. Purpose of record books history the california 4 h youth development program ydp has a long history of record keeping as an activity by 4 h members. Ucanr 4 h youth development program in santa barbara county historian club forms. Important document to track withdrawal times, as well as all feed, vaccines, etc. Ceremonies should be modified to meet the group situation and should be meaningful to everyone.

The record book manual pdf includes more detailed explanation of the different sections of the. As you are completing the club record which is often a scrapbook, consider exploring these related topics and activities. Completing a 4 h record book is a process where you record project and club work using a standard format. Record books are submitted to the 4 h office by your club. Record book manual pdf california 4h youth development. A 4h youth member views chickens at the sarasota county fair. Guidelines for the historian s book 4 the cover should be durable and last for many years. For more information regarding roles and responsibilities of officers in clubs michigan state university has excellent resources to assist each of the officers as well as a publication helping you help officers and committees, which assists volunteers in supporting. Mississippi 4h club treasurers manual and record book. The 4 h program has a long history of record keeping.

Need 1 per ewe need 1 per ewe sheep 4 h market lamb health record. Ui extension 4 h youth development university of idaho 875 perimeter drive, ms 3015 moscow, id 838443015. Parliamentary procedure videos from ohio 4 h vinton co. The 20192020 california 4 h record book manual is a resource for youth that contains detailed information about how to complete each section of the record book. Montana 4 h is the youth development program of montana state university extension. The duties and responsibilities of the club officers are outlined in this helpful guide. While society has changed, the goals of teaching record keeping to youth remain essentially the same. H youth voices learn how 4 h youth are making a difference.

The 4h record book teaches 4 h members these skills through a standard format. Publish monthly or quarterly club newsletters to report about member accomplishments. Officer roles and responsibilities in a 4h club 4h. Sheep project record book inserts the following inserts are specific to the sheep project and should be used in conjunction with the 4 h record book base. Give an oral presentation demonstration, speech or illustrated talk related to this project. Basic parliamentary procedure for 4 h clubs from utah 4 h weber co. A 4h diary for members to record participation in activities during the club year. Individual 4 h youth, 4 h volunteers, 4 h clubs, and county 4 h associations are permitted to conduct fundraising online by using crowdfunding or crowdsourcing web sites if all money raised for 4 h purposes follows current 4 h policies and best practices. Overall policies applies to all record books 4 h members must complete an e record for each project the 4 h member is enrolled in and receive a score of 70% or above. More information is posted on the colorado 4 h webpage at.

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